Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Been awhile...

Ok so its been awhile since I posted a new blog.
Everytime I try 2 post 1 using my phone it never works because i try to erase 1 letter and end up backspacing my whole post and after doing that 3 times i get fustrated and give up. i could go 2 the library n use the computer like my mom does but after a long day @ work i never feel up to it.

Dont even really know what 2 say 2day...Jay is still messing up my life 1 day @ a surprise there and i finally realized hes not going 2 help me pay any of the bills hes supposed 2 help with which leaves me 2 pay sooooo screwed!!!

I just want the day 2 come where i dont have 2 worry about paying any past bills just the current ones...that would b soo wonderful!
And i also would like a new boyfriend but i think itd be a smart move if i figured out my financial responsibilities 1st then worried about that...of course i always say that n i never stick 2 it but i think im serious about it this time. who knows though. The only guy im talkin 2 is just my friend a wonderful 1 @ that...he gives the best advice ever (even if its sometimes the same advice my mom gives me lol) and he knows how 2 cheer me up when im feeling down...always puts a smile on my face :):)

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